Approved Wayspot but still does not appear

Wayspot Submission for Holy Family Cartholic Church and Wayspot Submission for Our Lady of San Juan delos Lagos Chapel
Modesto CA
ACCEPTED since last March 29, 2024.
Both still missing and It does not appearing in the Game.

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Is this your nomination?

This is in the same L17 S2 cell as Fountain at Holy Family Church so only one of those can appear in Pokemon Go.

I don’t see anything else there in Ingress, so the other must be inside one of those black circles and not meet the inclusion rule for that game.

Pokemon Go allows you to do a check for existing Wayspots that aren’t in that game with a toggle you can turn on in the nomination map screen when you are right there at the site.


It really doesn’t that that long to read the acceptance email or the second pinned post on these forums

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They’re both in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as the Fountain. Holy Family Catholic Church is almost directly on top of the fountain so it can’t appear in Ingress either.


The holy family church is front side of the fountain
And the chapel of San Juan de Los Lagos is at the back side of the church

It will be nice there will be a poke stop or poke gym in front of the Holy family church and existing fountain infront of Holy family Church and at the back of the of the Church which is the chapel of San Juan de Los Lagos which niamtic approved it. People coming young and old can play Pokemon go

That’s not how it works though. Each Level 17 S2 Cell can only contain one Pokéstop or one Gym. The fountain, the chapel and the church are all in the same Level 17 S2 Cell, so only one of them is eligible to appear in Pokémon Go (the fountain was there first, so it gets priority). You need to find wayspots in different Level 17 S2 Cells if you want them to appear in Pokémon Go.

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Read this

and let me emphasize that you need to FIND things in empty cells, not just submit them there.

I don’t understand i always visited 4 churches near the Holyfamily church most of it I noticed that poke stop on the church then 20 steps in front a statue has poke gym 20 steps or less on the side are fountain or a statue has poke stop

In each churches it has 4 or more poke stop or a poke gym which are near to each other

Here in this fountain of the holy family church 30 steps in front is the holy family church and 50 or more steps is the chapels of San Juan de Los Lagos
Hoping you consider this because all the parishioners and other people who are young and old want to have this poke stop so can spend time to play after worship

This church is newly built and in the map it show that a big vacant lot.

To give you update

In the middle is the big church in front ia the fountain on the side is big parking lot and at the the chapel of San Juan Delos Lagos

The number of steps it takes to walk between the two isn’t really relevant to Pokemon Go.

As the others have explained earlier, whether or not something appears in Pokemon Go has to due with Level 7 S2 cells. The link provided by cyndiepooh explains how it works. It’s also pinned at the very top of the forums if you need to reference it again.

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i just want to make clear that i have nothing to do with this decision. i am just another wayfinder like you, but with more experience.

maybe this article will help you understand S2 cells better:

you are correct that sometimes two things can be just a couple of steps away and both show in pokemon go. that is because they are on opposite sides of one of these invisible lines on the map.

Welcome @bonie168
There is quite a lot to get to grips with when submitting places with the hope they will appear in a game.
It is really important that you understand S2 cells complicated though it may seem. The gohub article is very good.
You might see other places that are close together. It is possible as it all depends on how the cell lines occur relative to the objects.