Cafe is no longer in operation

  • Wayspot Title: Highland Harvest

  • Location (lat/lon): 43.787372, -79.183845

  • City: Toronto

  • Country: Canada

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any):

This cafe has been out of business for at least a year. It was originally located in Highland Creek Village (approximately 1.2km southeast of the current defunct location) and moved during the pandemic but closed almost immediately.

The listing on Google says the business is closed and there are no operating hours.

Not only does the listing on Google state that it’s closed, the most recent review is from almost a year ago.

And there is a review from around that time period that also suggests the cafe was permanently closed.

When the cafe moved to the current location, it took over from a fish and chip shop. Google streetview still shows the previous restaurant.

The location currently looks like this…

There are multiple closed signs in the windows and no signs of any sort of operating business inside.

The foyer of the cafe is littered with old mail, which clearly suggests it has been closed for a while.

There has also been an application submitted to tear down the plaza and build a condominium on the site. The notice board can be seen in the following pictures.

The website for the redevelopment proposal can be found on the City of Toronto website at Application Details – City of Toronto

Thanks for the appeal @GCOneSixtyOne After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.