Correct title rejected

I just read “nomination & edit appeals not accepted here” - but I have no idea where else to put it? It takes long enough to even find this category in the forum, so posting and hoping it will be received…

The problem is a with a correction of a Wayspot name that “THE TEAM” auto-rejected. “THE TEAM” has obviously not bothered to Google and see the results. Yes, I am being sarcastic - because yes, I am tired of working harder, not smarter, because of a bot and/or someone who won’t even bother to glance at streetview to see if I’m right…

This was totally expected and feels like such a waste of time. I just want the best possible quality Wayspots, as I’m sure most here do.

Details for the no-brainer here:

  • Wayspot Title: Visionary Eye

  • Location (lat/lon): 56.154879,10.211684

  • City: Aarhus

  • Country: Denmark

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information: The actual title is Visionary Viking, which is my edit suggestion.
    Google will confirm.

    Visionary Viking title and artist


Please provide proper and efficient ways of doing edits, reports, etc, that won’t waste everyone’s time - submitter’s, Niantic team’s… just generally, this does not need to clog the system. It could be so easily avoided!
A text box for a short explanation, links, perhaps even photos that support your claim. It would make so much sense.

I can’t be the only one with this wish?



You can appeal rejected edits in Contribution Management now. Otherwise, you may want to try help chat. This sub-forum is only for Wayspot removal appeals that have been rejected but the Wayspot no longer exists, or to appeal that removed valid Wayspots be returned.

More information about edits and appealing them can be found here:

Yeah I know, but there is no way we should have to spend an Appeal because an edit suggestion wasn’t reviewed properly (I know I won’t).

Help chat, perhaps - but I decided to post here because I think this is a general problem for all of us Wayfarer users.

And because, you know, to try and get someone to review and decide better about the edit in question.

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idk what they were thinking with sending edit appeals to the appeals team. there is no way to submit the geo-tagged photos that we could with help chat. i have done an edit appeal when all i needed to send was an external link they didn’t seem to find, but agree with you that it is not the best way to handle rejected edits.


Would be nice if we could have supporting info and photos with edits.


Hi @RESfarer
To make the forum a bit more “readable” I sort it by “categories”:

Maybe that could help you to find things better.
From me :+1:for an additional explanation field on edits. Maybe you post this suggest separat in “forum suggestions” and one day our dream come true :grin:

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It is so frustrating. I had a title edit auto-rejected as well. I won’t be sending it to the appeal team. The photo is accurate, the description was on there and the old title is from the wrap on the box that according to pokemon go was there 9 years ago and the current one for the last 6 years. The current wayspot is of an old market, not a tree, but sure keep the tree box :rofl:
I will just keep submitting it and depending on how I word it, maybe it will slip and go to community for voting.
Something similar happened with another wayspot and it took me several tries before it slipped past auto-reject via ML and is now waiting on community voting.


Thank you! Yes, I finally figured out how to make it show all the categories, but it’s the whole layout/interface of the start page is just strange to me. I don’t find it easier to find anything at all, or to see ‘important’ updates and posts.

Thanks for the :+1: and good idea to make a separate post with the suggestion about the edit system, I think I’ll do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just saw I had an Appeal ready and decided to use it on an actual Wayspot nomination that got rejected even though it’s an awesome and very unique place to explore.
While it’s great to have the number of Appeals slightly boosted, the hurricane of horror that is ML is wrecking much than a couple of Appeals a month can fix.
As proved with photos etc, the title suggested by me IS the correct title for this Wayspot. I really hope the team will consider correcting it. :pray:

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A title I appealed to correct the name of the work of art ended up with the Wayspot removed and me “educated” about repurposing Wayspots. That was when help chat was still doing the edit appeals. I did have a couple of successful title appeals as well, so your results may vary.

Here is that one:

@NianticLC or someone else from the @admins team, could you please correct this Wayspot title? :slightly_smiling_face: