Could this be a good idea?

I would like to know what you think about this place.

It is a hanging garden and is on a path. I think it’s beautiful, and different because it covers a great distance. These days are when it is undoubtedly best seen.

I wouldn’t describe that as a hanging garden. That simply looks like flowering vines along a wall. It’s pretty, but not POI worthy, IMO.


Only if you can prove some kind of history there. The wall was built by the Romans, or Napoleon rode his troops along here but told them not to harm anything because the flowers were so lovely.

It’s a high bar, so probably not. Sorry. It is lovely.


No way, I still wanted to know the popular opinion haha

I think it’s nice and different because of the distance it covers. It’s the facade of a garden, and it looks really cool this season, I’m still happy to share it!

Yes, there is a small story, but the only verifiable thing is the name of the town. It is said that the army that gave us independence passed through these streets.
“Ignacio Allende” was here, and that is why the town has that name.
I’m glad to know that you think it’s pretty too, I’m glad to be able to share it with you :crossed_fingers:t2: