Create a pokistop

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  • I can’t figure out how to make a pokistop on Byers


You can find more information about how to access Wayfarer and submit nominations/edits here:

I also found this confusing. I originally assumed the Wayfarer site was where the nomination happened, but that actually is done in the game itself. In Pokemon Go, for instance (other Niantic games may vary), you do the following:
—open the SETTINGS menu (the gear icon)
—select UPLOADS

I found the process pretty straightforward from that point on, but I’m glad I couldn’t upload while at the place because it allowed me to come home and reread everything before uploading.

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I’m retiring the channel but unlike Niantics I’m not deleting it. Look at most of my recent videos to see me nominating points of interest in Pokemon Go

Wow no more links? Search for this channel on YouTube

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Links from Google sites typically aren’t allowed, and Google owns YT. I know, it’s weird, being that Google is one of the main login options.

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Why does the game ask me to access Wayfarer and complete a tutorial when there is none to complete?

The tutorial is not a test like it used to be. Nowadays you get shown a few onboarding images that teach you the basics. You likely did click through them when you first logged into wayfarer.

Once you’ve done that you’re able to submit and review (though I suggest maybe checking out the criteria pages on wayfarer first). It may take Pokémon Go/Ingress (depending on which game you used to qualify for wayfarer) a couple of days to recognise you’ve done the onboarding, though it’s usually quicker than that.

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