Dear Canada, this comes from the heart

Hey there, my cold wintery, snowy, friend to the north. AKA America’s hat.

I need to apologize to you. Niantic doesn’t hate you. They really don’t. When they plan out their Wayfarer challenge countries, I promise they think about. I know they do.

It just hasn’t been your time yet. But, I’m sure your time is coming.
While the USA is going on it’s second Wayfarer review challenge. Please remember, you have a lot of things the USA doesn’t:

  1. Bannock
  2. Nanaimo Bars
  3. Maple Syrup - Ok, we have that also… but yours is much better. I digress.
  4. Saskatoon Berries
  5. Ketchup Chips - I’m actually really jealous of this one.


Canada, it’s just, your backlog isn’t as big as it is in the USA. We take everything to excess. Even our nominations. So, see it’s not personal. It’s not.

The reality is, my friends, Canadians are so dang nice, they won’t complain about not being included and the Americans might light something on fire or put something out that’s supposed to be on fire.

So, as you get ready to start the challenge and you see a nominations from Buffalo, Plattsburg or even Rochester. You can claim those as Canada nominations for duration of the challenge.

And remember Canada, it’s not you… It’s Niantic.


mmmmmm Nanaimo Bars…

What were we talking about? Oh, right. Thank you @BlameJamal, on behalf of Canada we thank you for your kind words. Eh.


Those look like Tomato Ketchup crisps to me:

Maybe you’re confusing things, as these would be chips with tomato ketchup.



Those look more like French Fries.

You put ketchup on those?.. Weird


True, just the first image I found. I don’t put ketchup on my fries or my chips personally though.

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I know that fun and non Wayfarer discussion is frowned upon with the utmost seriousness so apologies if your thread is locked @BlameJamal

One country and we can’t agree about what to have with Chips😂
What chance do trail markers have :rofl:


Honestly, Canadians are just colder British people.

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British?? :thinking:
You have not got a province called Nova Scotia for nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously I presume all the large conurbations in Canada suffer from the same problems as other parts of world. Along with areas that are fast moving which I believe @Glawhantojar lives in :sunglasses:


ok ok, colder UK people.

But yeah, my hometown moves very very quickly, but if I go 50 km west it takes forever.

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Colder UK people without eligible* postboxes.

*please debate in relevant thread


Cooler, certainly.

One wonders why the citizens of your kingdom haven’t got a name, though.