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Not really sure where to put this so it may need to be moved. It doesn’t fall under the criteria for wayspot appeals and help chat doesn’t deal with these things. Unfortunately, we have some great artists in the area that don’t get recognized due to banned words. However, this is likely an older nomination and the description really bothers me. Seems a bit childish and at the time I wish they just stated who painted it and left it at that. I cannot edit it due to banned words. But it clearly got through in the past.

Any suggestions?!

Hi @TheOneXanthippe
How does it looks like when you say, that you can’t do an edit because of the bad word filter?
My second thought was the help chat and therefore the abuse menue.
I used it last week or so, for a removing request of old photos. I think using it for a “description problem” should work. In this case Niantic themselves can decide to set of the bad word filter for your necessary edit :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just to ease your mind a little, i dont read that as being a joke about the person’s last name. I see that as acknowledging that those 2 names belong to a moderately famous actor (who has a reputation for living up to his last name). He hasnt been in pop culture for a few decades, so maybe you aren’t familiar with him.

Its unfortunate that the painter shares a name with this guy. I see why the submitter felt a need to explain “no, not that Andy D.” I could see reviewers thinking the submitter was lying.

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It just says it cannot complete due to a banned word. Unfortunately, we have many well known carvers and artists locally here in this family and we cannot credit them due to their last name being a banned word.

I see your point, but with the prominent muralists and carvers in our town, it is hard not to know who this individual is. Chiefs and Elders from “this” family have been carving totem poles and doing murals here for such a long time. Andy D has done some large muralists and is prominently featured in the news, alongside many other indigenous and non-indigenous muralists.
I actually had to look up your link to realize who you were referring to. However, I hate the fact that to fix it I need to remove the artist’s name. They could have easily stated local muralist…
I cannot even credit him in this post because his name is banned. :upside_down_face: