Drowning pokestops and gyms

Hi everyone. I went to vacation recently (20/04/2024) and i found out that some of the pokestopes and gyms are located in the sea… the pokemons there stay for 2-3 years. Idk how did it happened, i checked seaside pokestops, they all are correct, i even added some photos to them . I have samsung phone and my friend had an iphone, we both saw that problem. I hope you can bring pokemons home…

I made a video but cannot upload it here, so here are some screenshots

Here is the real pokestop nearby

These appear to be in Türkiye. A while back, Niantic did a mass import from a third party source (I believe it was Foursquare) which created a load of Pokéstops and Gyms which were all lacking photos and many of them either wouldn’t have ordinarily met the wayfarer criteria and/or were in the wrong locations. They did clean some of these up, but you seem to have found a few that slipped through the net.

For the purposes of helping Niantic check this area out, 41.881978,27.991736 will show you the rough area of these wayspots that are out in the sea.

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Ye, I saw a lot of ugly pokestops on the empty busy highways every day, but neverr - gyms in the sea with pokemons inside. It’s obvious that they got moved somehow…

I’ll check your coordinates from pc later, thanks!