Duplicate photo: The Santa Teresa Spring

  • Wayspot Title: The Santa Teresa Spring

  • Location (lat/lon): 37.225909,-121.795372

  • City: San Jose, CA

  • Country: US

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    Actually, acceptance (I submitted a duplicate)

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I submitted the photo on Apr 6, then again on Mar 10, then both were accepted on May 18.

Close up of the image:

Sorry for the duplicate.

For the curious about the subject of the photo:

In 1925, Fathers Seraphina and Ricarti of the Holy Family Church came to the Rancho and presented Doña Jesusita Bernal with a medallion blessed by the Pope and a statue of Santa Teresa brought from Rome. In 1928, to honor his deceased mother, Pedro Bernal built a shrine next to the spring and placed the medallion and statue inside. Although the statue and medallion have been missing for years, the shrine’s base and inscription are still visible.

Thanks for the appeal, @nexushoratio Based on the evidence provided, we’ve removed the invalid image of the Wayspot.

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