Duplicate Wayspot?

Please provide:

  • A screenshot of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected
  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
  • Copy and paste the title, description and supplemental so others can translate them
  • If you feel comfortable please share the location, as it is helpful (i.e. hidden duplicates), but you can mask it if you wish.

Title: Garden Theatre
Description: Theatre production that opened in 1914 near Fordham University.
Supplemental Info: Building is a known landmark for locals. The entrance has some really unique architecture as well.

This wayspot got denied because it is a duplicate. However, I don’t see where the duplicate is. I have used various methods to verify if it is a duplicate and it seems like it is not. So why is this getting denied?

There’s a (poor) nomination of it accepted at 40.865638, -73.886742 which is within 20m and the same level 17 s2 cell as “Vision Pentecostal Church”. It looks like the church has already had its location corrected, so once sync is re-enabled, it should show up in pogo (but still not ingress).

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Thank you so much for this information! May I ask where were you able to see this map? The best map I could find was the ingress map.

Hi! Niantic asked to don’t use that map unless you are a Developer or an Ambassador. Please continue using the Ingress one.

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