Edit Denial

There is a thrift store in this location called The Fresno Mission Thrift Store

It’s waypoints title is “Ten Commandments Mural” but you can see the points where it is affixed on the wall means this was a canvas poster at best. Well it’s not even there anymore, inside or outside and while I thought about its removal I believe the Thrift store stands on its own ground as a valid waypoint so I simply submitted a title and description edit and just noticed one has already been denied. Obviously I don’t want to do much work on this but I would appreciate if the waypoint system were more accurate.

You can’t appeal rejected edits here, but also, Niantic has said that repurposing a wayspot is not correct. You are meant to remove the old one and then submit the new one. The ten commandments and a thrift store are very different things.


Not that I want a debate, but you can see in the picture it was never a mural and was always just a thrift store.

Yes, but the point still stands that whether it was temporary or not, it was still that object that was nominated and not the thrift store itself. As the object was temporary and has been removed, you should report it as such. Then once you get it removed, feel free to submit the business if you think it meets the criteria.

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It’s possible that someone submitted and had a new photo approved for the thrift store, not knowing that since the mural is no longer there they are supposed to request removal of the Wayspot. This isn’t uncommon for users to do, but it’s not the correct way to go about correcting things.