Entrance to Northcove the summit of Capitol Hill Wrongly Removed

  • Wayspot Title: Entrance to Northcove the summit of Capitol Hill
  • Location (lat/lon):(40792595, -111882787)
  • City: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information): My sister was not notified of a reason why the pokestop was removed a few days after it was approved.
  • Additional Information (if any): This is a roundabout community sign that marks the summit of Capitol Hill. This roundabout is on public roads more than 40 meters away from any private property lines. It has sidewalks on both sides of the street, safe for pedestrians. It is also a popular community gathering/meeting point in the neighborhood for photos of the mountain side view as well. We were not given a reason why this was taken down, its been a great and safe meeting point for residents of our neighborhood.
    Can we please have this pokestop reinstated?
    We’ve had neighborhood groups meet here only to be disappointed that the neighborhood’s only pokestop has been taken away.

This has likely been removed for not having save pedestrian access. Roundabouts without crosswalks aren’t seen to be eligible. And this is also incredibly small. People would likely stand in the street to engage with this wayspot.


As @LetsRollGirl says, it will have been removed due to unsafe pedestrian access. If a nomination is in the middle of a roundabout, there needs to be a safe way to get to the middle of the roundabout, such as a crossing point or an underpass. This has neither.

Additionally, the sign itself doesn’t really meet criteria either, so that’s two reasons it should never have been accepted in the first place. Nominations need to be a great place to socialise, exercise or explore.

I did have a quick look in case there was anything else in the local area to submit, but it seems like everything of interest is near the local church and has already been submitted (though there is plenty of stuff there and on the Ensign Peak Trail).


Thanks for the appeal, @UhhG2G We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot.