Exhausted with the process

I often find myself becoming exhausted when voting on Wayfarer.

I might vote for about 10-20 minutes before I feel like I can’t go on any longer. Sometimes I just quit even before the first review is submitted because it’s in a location edit I have no clue on how to respond too, or a POI that is half way across the world and I don’t feel qualified to vote in another language.

Only meaningful for players in non rural areas who actually have a POI worth submitting. If you aren’t this person, then patience is all you need for a resolution of your POI.

I wish there were meaningful rewards for the Niantic games I am interested in playing. I would certainly feel far more motivated to participate in the program if I could choose premium items as rewards. It’s not enough just to be granted something random.

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I find I can review for a lot longer if I’m somewhere confined and can’t escape.

Like a train, prison or a violin recital at school.

Rewards would be great but if they were too good the reviewing quality may go down, not good enough and not much changes, unfortunately fellow number badge holder :ok_hand:

I can certainly understand that! Don’t keep at it any longer than you feel comfortable, and just do what you can. Although the Upgrade rewards are now somewhat devalued, reviewing does have other perks like helping get more Wayspots in an area, clearing out the queues so that one’s own candidates can be processed faster if they enter general voting, and of course the virtual tourism aspect - I’ve seen a lot of great stuff in reviews that I can’t wait to go see in real life! If you need to take a break, do so - I have in the past, and it’s helped me regain some enthusiasm.


You shouldn’t be getting nominations from half way across the world unless you selected such an area as your home or bonus location, or you’re actively in that area playing Niantic games.

I wanted to jump in on this specifically. You should only be reviewing areas based off of your current play area and your selected Bonus and Home locations. Your “current play area” should be relatively reflected by the Showcase/Featured nominations you see when logging in. It will be a set of relatively nearby nominations but also nominations priorized across the country of your play area. Note that this could be territories, too. For example, I’m in the United States of America and I see nominations from Guam, Saipan, US Vırgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. I’ll also get some of Canada and Mexico, but only directly on the boarder.
If you’re seeing candidates half way across the world, there may be something wrong. As for languages, Google Translate usually does a good job helping.


That is very strange. I don’t know why I am getting POI in Mexico haha.

Never been there and my hometown and bonus are not set anywhere close to Mexico

Right I wish that was the case. I am in the U.S as well, but I often get POI for Mexico, and I don’t speak any Spanish.

But yes, I do use Google Translate when the skip button is not on cooldown lol

LOL that sounds fair.

It does feel somewhat easier to vote when there isn’t much else to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten anything from Mexico, but it does happen.

The idea is that Wayfarer pulls nominations from a grid system and if the majority or centerpoint of that grid is in the US it might stretch into Canada or Mexico and be classified as US but the exact nomination within another country.

Actually the virtual tourism is quite nice lol.

I do often find myself writing down locations of places I want to visit that are nearby and have many approved POI.


Obviously I was kidding. I’ve never been to a violin recital but I do find train, bus journeys the best time for mindlessly reviewing.


Same here. Review while I’m on public transit or something until I get a cooldown for 2hrs. Some find it annoying but I find it a nice way to know hey you can stop now lol


I’m assuming you’re in the US. Those Mexican nominations you see may be near the border. You’re probably seeing them because… cells

I think if you get a nomination from a thousand miles away, it’s either upgraded, or it’s been waiting so long (perhaps because there are no local reviewers), so it went out to a wider audience.

Right click (or long press) on the background to select translation. You only have to do this once per sign-in.

How do you get a number badge? I’m a little jealous. Guess I’ve been reviewing to much and not on here enough :wink:

Change your username 3643foe.