Getting a good photo

How long would you wait to get a good photo if your wayspot was blocked by people, or some other object? I’d give it about 4 minutes if I’m not in a hurry.

Picture unrelated.


Funny you should ask. I found a neighborhood that had a ton of tennis courts that I went to submit recently. But these courts were obviously a HUGE draw for this community because every single court was in use (most of them with people playing doubles) and each court had crowds standing along the side to watch and cheer on their friends. In that case, I just filed it away in my mind to come back on a rainy day.

Otherwise, I’ve gotten pretty good at waiting for cars to drive by or dogs/people to clear out.

Still waiting months for some :sweat_smile:
Cricket pitches were one thing on my list that I needed to wait for them to be “in season”, but not in use… Kind of hard to juggle :sweat_smile:

Longest time for me was like 30 minutes. However, I sometimes just ake photos and edit them later on, so that all the people are gone.

This one is highly edited, since its basically impossible to get a good photo without people on it, if you want to submit a central station.


Half an hour at most. I went to a park probably 5 times before one of the futebol fields was free, I refuse to call it soccer lol.

Just FYI, “soccer” is basically as old as the term “football” in English. While many think of “soccer” as an American abomination, it actually came from England.

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I got some terrific photos during the first pandemic lockdown. You could simply wait for another pandemic…


Explaining football to a Brazilian is very cute @seaprincesshnb :slight_smile:

I know some people from Newcastle who would love you to tell them about coal.


I’m explaining the Engliah language, not the actual game. And, obviously, anyone can be unfamiliar with the origin of words, especially when the word is not from their language.

:slight_smile: I’m teasing.

I’m pretty sure @CarolFigueiraRS knows but just refuses to call it soccer because it’s the correct thing to do.

I have gone back to some places numerous times trying for a good photo minus car number plates and people, and reasonable weather.
I once spent ages at a park waiting for kids to stop playing at the basketball hoop. They finally took a break but started to sit down in the way……can you move please for 2 minutes while I make a pokestop :joy:

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It really depends where I am and how long I have. Sometimes ill wait a while if i think its likely to clear, other times I’ll loop back later or return another day.
If I have specific nominations in mind I’ll try to go when I know those particular places won’t be busy.

Yes, I just don’t like the word. We call you guys football american football here. Doesn’t sound as bad as soccer.

In a few cases I waited for half a year until winter when most vegetation is gone.

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