Having the "holo0caust" word in your submission will automatically put it in it to Niantic Voting

Just sharing findings.

I submitted three art nominations that are hol0caust related with placeholder text as the title, description, and supporting information. I got home and started filling out the fields, and as soon as I hit save, all three were put in Niantic Voting. Upon inspecting them, all three nominations had “hol0caust” text somewhere and so triggered something.

Funnily enough, this forum won’t even let me submit this post without censoring “hol0caust.”

What do you have against 1930s history Niantic lol.

Hope this helps clear up confusion for anyone else attempting to nominating similar stuff.

I doubt this is an actual bug. Being this is a historical event that is very sensitive for some to speak about, and that some may find offensive, Niantic staff is making sure that your nominations meet criteria. They may make a decision on the nominations themselves, or, after their review, let the community vote on them.

This is how the system is supposed to work, so just allow a little extra time for resolution.

I put it in general discussions, but it was moved to bugs by a moderator.

And I’m not mad about the nominations, just sharing information so that others know that nominating a hol0casut related event will cause this to happen, or may even trigger ML/Emily to automatically reject something. It’s something I sure wish I knew when I was first starting out, as hol0caust related items are nowhere to be discussed in Niantic’s eligibility articles.

Point is, I’m only sharing this to save other’s frustrations when they decide to nominate hol0caust related items.

I seem to remember they had a PR nightmare in the past. So this sounds like a reasonable and responsible approach


Are such locations forbidden? Like anything related? It’s not like I’m not nominating a camp or anything, just a few art pieces which are about it. I understand if anything related to the events is now ineligible (which weirdly feels more insensitive??) but that would be a helpful item to include in the criteria under sensitive location. They only mention cemeteries.

Update too on the nominations, all got rejected at the same time for “Other Rejection Criteria”. In under 12 hours too. I believe it may have been rejected by ML.

Hey, i moved it to bugs because i think its more likely to be seen by Niantic staff in that channel. However, if your intent was not to fix this issue, then i guess it doesnt belong there.

The only listed restriction is an actual “concentration camp”. I think informational signs and museums about the H0l0caust should be allowed. Though, there are still family members of people who were part of that trauma who may not believe these places are good spots for playing games. Its a tough call.

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Ah no, I realize the behavior I described is intentional, I thought it was too anyway.

My goal is to help anyone else with h0locaust submissions realize 1) this stuff actually isn’t eligible or 2) you’re gonna have a really hard time getting this to voting.

Hmm perhaps in an AMA or something they should address that part of the criteria. If they’re prohibiting even the word to be used it’s something to discuss what their stance is on it.

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So, these POI went into Niantic Voting. What was the result?

In Queue as soon as I submit them, then when I got home and changed the supporting information to have “hol0caust” text in them, immediately placed into Niantic Voting. Then about 7-12 hours later, swiftly one after the other in 2 min. intervals, rejected for “Other Rejection Criteria.” Got an email saying “our team” rejected them.

Will probably resubmit, I’ll keep the thread updated.


I would imagine it was the wording, even if it was correct. There are certain words that are banned by Niantic, and it’s possible that this is one of them.

Gr0tto is one that I find odd, as it means a small cave, but some may see it as having a s3xual meaning, thanks to a certain mansion in Beverly Hills, not the religious one for the place I nominated and had to list with a different name.


This nomination is actually called “Our Lady of Guadalupe Gr0tto,” that is what is on the plaque. When I tried to submit it with the correct title, I was told that I was using a banned word, and assumed it was gr0tto. I changed the title and description, removing gr0tto, and then I was allowed to submit it.

It could be a USA issue, since that is where the famed s3xual gr0tto is, Beverly Hills, California. Play boy may be 2 words that describe the mansion where it’s at.

I didn’t realise the banned words were specific to the users location…

They look like they were submitted at roughly the same time so I don’t think that it changed at some point.

I don’t know if banned words are specific to certain areas, but that’s what happened with my nomination. I have seen while reviewing places with gr0tto in their name in the US, but they seem to be long-established Wayspots, nothing that I’ve had to review.

I’m surprised that using that word meant they went in to Niantic Voting.

I have a nomination from 2022 about Anne Frank so wanted to mention that in the description but could not as it would not allow me to proceed.

I think I put something like “Näzi war crimes” and that was fine.

(I can’t put that word on this forum)

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It’s probably because I had initially submitted through POGO safe words then later changed it to have h0locaust in them. I remember trying to submit these nominations about a month ago and attempting to put that word in through the POGO submit page stopped me from submitting it.

So can’t even use “Ann3 Frank?” I get the PR nightmare they’re trying to avoid but dang.

I could use Anne Frank but couldn’t mention the word starting with H

Last night, I saw a local article written about a place that is a museum and memorial to said event, highlighting it basically. I’ve never heard of tge place, but as i love history, I’d love to visit it someday. And yes, it has the H word in its name.