How did this get rejected?

I do not understand how this got turned down. The ox is next/in a park next to a community center and right by one of the longest walking/bike trails in the world. Its an art piece with a packer, handicap accusable, in a town. It does not over lap any pokestops its not super close to any pokestops. The description is part of what’s on the packer. It is in a small Town with less then 20 pokestops total. People need to stop being so picky with there decisions especially in small community’s.

Did your email say that it was from Our Team or The Community? I suspect this was rejected by the AI.

It’s already a wayspot, though it’s in the same L17 cell as another to I suspect it’s not in pokemon go.



LOL too slow. But I can at least show you the cell

To avoid this happening again, there is a toggle in the Pokemon Go nominating screen that you can turn on to see Wayspots that don’t show in PoGo. But it only works over a short distance while you are right there:

A good article to learn about S2 cells and Pokemon Go is


Oh ok so Pokémon Go doesn’t like small community’s. Thank you for the clarification.

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sometimes cell boundaries are very unfortunately laid out compared to the interesting things in an area. and yes, that can have an out-sized effect on smaller communities. i’m sorry that that’s the system we have to live with.


So would putting the location just outside the cell work?

that is considered manipulation of the gameboard and can get you in trouble…


It also doesn’t matter since 1) it’s already in the map so future nominations will always be duplicates and 2) the object is clearly in the cell with no room for “strategic” placement.

I’m really sorry about today misfortune. Have you tried correcting the placement of this kiosk?

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I know it’s disappointing, but the game has no likes or dislikes of anything. It simply has a pre-programmed inclusion criteria - so everything you nominate that gets accepted has the POTENTIAL to go into PoGo, but is not guaranteed. The inclusion rules can’t change for particular areas, as it’s applied game wide.

I’ve nearly doubled the number of Pokestops in my small town over the last 4 months or so. I’ve managed this by learning all about the S2 cells, getting a map of the S2 cells and really, really familiarising myself with the criteria. Every time I go out, choose to go around a different area of the town and look at EVERYTHING through a wayfarer lens - it’s amazing what you can find. If it’s a really fantastic item, I nominate regardless. If it’s something that I think could go either way with the community, I look to see if there’s anything already in that cell. If there is, I save my nomination for something else. If it’s something larger that grosses multiple cells, I take my time to work out where the best spot to nominate is (and check the area of both cells in case there’s anything else to nominate).

It’s definitely possible to get more things added to a rural area, but it does take time and patience! It’s amazing how many things I’ve found in the town I’ve lived in my entire life and never knew existed - trail markers, memorial trees for the Queen’s diamond jubilee, “ghost signs”…, and I’ve loved finding out the history of some buildings and structures.


That is exactly the same problem in my village. Either there are 4-6 ‘interesting’ items in 1 S17 cell, or NONE in an entire S2 cell :frowning: Unfortunately the latter is the most common. ) .

We were actually lucky our church is on a crosspoint of 4 cells, but most of the statues, buildings and many cafe’s and restaurants around it have no place or are in Ingress only.

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Yes, that is very hard when the cells just don’t line up for places that don’t have much to submit. At least on this forum some of us are trying to make people aware of the S2 cells. It breaks my heart when a large point of interest, which could legitimately be submitted at a position that would allow it to show up in pogo, is not. And then the pin is accurate, so it can’t be relocated.

[For anyone skimming, let me make VERY clear that I am NOT saying to pin something where it does not exist. Do NOT submit something where it isn’t in real life. That is abuse.]


However, the bull already being a Wayspot begs the question: Why was it rejected and not marked as a duplicate?

Also It does not help when the locations other put in are also not in the proper locations. The image you showed above with the orange dot should actually be at the front of that building which would keep the 2 dots from over lapping. I am afraid to do anything about it though in fear of losing the location all together. There is also another one of my submissions that was accepted and upgraded, but not put in because of another stop that is also in the wrong location. I wish there was a way to have certain locations adjusted.

I’ve seen weirder : I nominated a monument in my village that was turned down, because it had no pedestrian access. (It was actually fenced in by the people who live next to that public piece of ground, but okay, you cant see that from Google, and I did not bother to appeal, because in that same week I found out it was in the same cell as another stop.)

A few weeks later, I started playing Ingress, just to see what it is all about and improve my Wayfairer-skills by understanding both games and their requirements. And low and behold, my declined nomination WAS ALREADY A WAYPORT in Ingress !! For TEN years (probably before it was fenced in)!! So, instead of being declined for ‘no pedestrian access’, it should have been marked as a duplicate.

I have to disagree with you, you have a lot of waypoints in your town, and you have many areas which are missing waypoints like the Trail side north parks. Use that park as practice for nominating because you come across as someone who just wants more stops where you spend a lot of time.