How do I help update locations that have changed purposes, like at the zoo?

The local zoo has a lot of outdated pokestops. An example of this is that there’s a meerkat stop in the back of the zoo but it has become a porcupine habitat. When I submitted the change for this however, the nomination was rejected and my appeal was rejected, suggesting I was “abusing” the system and that I was lying about the change.

Is there a better way to go about fixing these stops or are they just doomed to be wrong? The zoo doesn’t have meerkats anymore and this may get people’s hopes up when they go back there and find a porcupine.

Has anyone else run into this or something similar and can advise?

Edit: is there a way to submit a change to the title, picture, and description all at once because I was unable to find that. Separately it’s very confusing and I could see how it would seem like a “lie”.

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I gave up on trying to correct the locations at our art museum for this exact reason: it is too difficult. I hope someone from the team can tell you what the best way to update is. The only thing I know to do is to report each thing that is no longer accurate for removal, either in game or through one of the reporting forms linked at the top here. I would use the “reporting abuse” form because you can choose “criteria issues” and give them evidence of the changes through email on a single report for all the corrections. And then resubmit each thing as a new Wayspot. The Wayfarer team has no sympathy for the in game chaos created in Pokemon Go when an existing game location is removed and has really become adamant over not “repurposing” a Wayspot. Even in situations like this where it is still an animal habitat, just for a different animal.

Submit the porcupine. Once it’s approved (altho not in any game), remove the meerkat. Then the porcupine will appear.

(Niantic wants to purge any scans that were made of the old thing. And get scans of the new thing.)

Due to the screwy way some of the team are demanding these situations to be handled, I think our only choice is to use broad or generic titles and descriptions that can survive after the content changes.

As others have suggested, you can add a new waypoint: ‘Semi-arid Habitat Enclosure’ and then report the Meerkat exhibit for removal.

It’s not exactly clear what sort of title/description will be accurate in the future nor if it will seem appealing to reviewers.

Niantic is going to have to choose: do they want a database full of out-of-date incorrect info, Wayspots that are updated to remain current, or generic designations.

Imagine nominating at the Louvre: Modern Art Loan Exhibit #12, instead of Gates of Heck by Auguste Rodin.