How does density work?

Sometimes I see a request for a portal in a very dense area that would basically create two portals on top of each other. But I understand that it’s not my job to decline those. So how do the approvals for these work? Do the places where portals are too dense get noticed?

Every game has its inclusion rules.

So if a Wayspot is approved that doesn’t meet any of those, it will instead be stored in the Niantic Lightship database (which they have referred to as a pantry in the past).

Any future games (or any current games if they want to update their inclusion rules) could visit said pantry for those Wayspots if they wanted and have them appear on their games, meeting their inclusion rules.

As an example, a game could come out that wanted ONLY churches in their game. So even though the church you had accepted didn’t go in to Pokémon GO or Ingress, the new Church AR Game could have it on their map.


Some do fall into the Void and wong appear in any game currently, but it will always go to the Lightship map, still, I would place the waypoint in a valid location but with breathing space if applicable.

Sometimes these Wayspots lost to the void reemerge due to moving or removal of other/s that excluded them.
I’ve seen a few I was entirely unaware of appear after correcting wrong or moved wayspots.
One was pretty cool because it’s a sculpture that I knew I’d seen something about but couldn’t find the info or remember what it was meant to represent, but the nearby POI had been moved a considerable distance and after having the Wayspot moved to the correct location it turned out that there was an existing Wayspot for the sculpture in the Lightship Database and it included the info I’d been struggling to find :heart:

They can appear in Niantic games other than Ingress and PoGo, for example I’ve had postcards from locations in Pikmin Bloom that are not visible in the other games.

Don’t worry about proximity when reviewing, I think it’s more of an issue of not wasting nominations when submitting.

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