How is Emily faring for you?

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I decided to copy my comment from the fun side and add it here:

My experience with MichaeL is low.
Photo submission he takes in 90% and accepted faster than I can press submit.
On every other stuff he did nothing - no fast rejection, no fast acception. Common process :woman_shrugging:t2:

I know that the topic creator already saw my comment, but perhaps there’re more people who be interested in a bigger picture.

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I have had a lot of success lately with Emily - the other week our town had new stops popping up every day, which was amazing! I even ran down my submissions to zero, because I was encouraged by the fast responses. In the early days, I was getting rejections for silly things - I appealed to Niantic who accepted them. Someone on this thread said you can appeal these a different way without losing an appeal - please can someone let me know how/where I would do that? I have a couple of auto rejects I have on my list to appeal (and I think it’s important to appeal in someway so the machine can learn further from it).

Something I did find interesting, I had a couple of footbridges accepted by Emily so I decided to renominate a different footbridge that the community had rejected, assuming it would go straight to Emily for review. It didn’t, so I guess it will go to the community and be rejected again.

I noticed that my wayfarer dropped from good to fair, right before I was submitting it - do we think Emily only sees nominations by people with at least a good rating? (I’m having to wait patiently now as I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing the last few weeks, so waiting for them to catch up).


I submitted 6 nominations yesterday and Emily has already accepted one of them. The other 5 haven’t been touched yet.

Edit: second Emily acceptance as I typed that.

Edit 2: four of them have been accepted by Emily now.


I have a great rating on wayfarer and have little success with Emily reviewing my nominations. Although I question perhaps that I am maybe a fuss about wayspot edits and removals that maybe I am blacklisted :rofl: Many of my stuff seems to sit in queue or go to Niantic Voting. I have some from December still kicking around. By the time it will be reviewed it will likely be a duplicate.
If Emily reviewed those with higher wayfarer ratings I would be up there.
It seems a bit weird that the community rejected a footbridge. Hopefully it gets approved this time around for you.


Just one from Emily today. I’m not sure why it hasn’t already been submitted as it’s been around since 2021.


I’ve been having more success with these than I would through the community.


Haven’t gotten a single accept from the ML system. Submitters from my neighborhood recently showed that it took 19 months and 1 day to receive a resolution to nomination.

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@tehstone what about Hilbert curves explains these blackout regions again? Niantic has a virtual mars-rover combing the earth for nominations, and they can pick it up and replace it whenever it gets stuck. Why don’t they ever set it down in Boston?


there are alot of different factors that contribute to long queue/ voting times.

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I am going to say “bad bot” today, due to ML approving this misspelling I made when trying to add a description to a Wayspot without one:

Ugh, now I have to go back to fix Horicon to Horizon…

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Given some of the poorly-justifiable rejections I’ve seen I’m unsure if we want it there. We’re going to take things into our own hands after this Wayfarer challenge finishes.

And we’ve been reporting the issues for years now with no results :slight_smile:

I’m not asking for Emily, specifically.

Since reviews are not conducted First-In, First-Out or Last-in, First-Out, they need some other formula for crawling the nominations (either cartographically or otherwise) for whomever is going to receive the next nomination, edit, etc.

I don’t understand how and why such large regions will remain unexamined for such a long time. The real Mars-rover could crawl into some terrain that was very difficult to exit. Niantic’s algorithm ought to be able to crawl into Boston from time to time, and if it fails to do so, someone ought to point it at the Prudential Building or something.

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EMiLy has been very kind to me. Since the beginning of March I have submitted 84 nominations, eMiLy has grabbed 75 and approved all but 2, and I appealed both and they were overturned by Niantic.