How long to expect "In Voting" phase to last?

I have a wayspot nomination that’s been “In Voting” status for about 6 weeks. It is about 1/4 mile from an existing wayspot. Is there any rule of thumb as to when it will move on to the next phase?

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As @cyndiepooh has indicated the length of time is highly variable.

The best way to try and speed up the process is to try and get an upgrade so that it can be used to enable more reviewers to see your nomination. This should reduce resolution time to a few days.

You can earn an upgrade by reviewing other nominations - so you are helping other nominations on the way. If your reviews agree with the community outcome then you get an agreement and 100 agreements equals an upgrade.

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Would 1 day be ludicrous speed?


oh that’s perfect :+1:

he does need to update the graphic :laughing:

i think the old nom pushes start at a year and a half now too

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@OldDirtyBard this!

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You did not disappoint. LOVE that film.


One of the best movies of all time!


100% agree. My sister and I watched it so often as kids we knew pretty much every line off by heart. Not sure I could still remember the script, but it still makes me smile.

Without a doubt, the best Star Wars film out there….

It varies from one area to another. Depends on the number of re reviewers in your local community.

Maybe it’s MLudicrous speed?