Invalid portal Godfried Salomonson

  • Wayspot Title: Godfried Salomonson

  • Location (lat/lon): 52.363259,6.467893

  • City: Nijverdal

  • Additional Information: Pls remove this portal!
    It is a electric cabinet with painted wallpaper.
    And it is faded and totally not a portal at this moment!
    I can tell you more electric boxes who looks better then this one!


Can one of you solve this pls?

If nia removed other portals with the same kind of stickers or worse, they have to remove them all or let it be all good portals and replace the removed ones

Now its just a game to remove portals and the ones with the best arguments or supports seems to win. It is not how it shout work.

Lets play ingress

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That is not a portal by the rules of wayfarer. If this is ok, some others should be placed back


If this is an Ok portal then is this one also oke

But this one is removed


Volgens Frank moet je dit op het forum melden anders heeft het geen zin.

Gelijke monniken gelijke kappen. En via het spel kun je het niet melden moet via het forum

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Don’t think of it as damage, but instead as “patina.” Happy to help!

Thanks for the appeal, @papacruzer79 We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.


Why is this portal then removed

Its oale grieze op de kast

Give me the exact reason please i sea no diverent because the picture is from the Baseliek of the city where this portal is


Are you serious, this is a fake portal, made out of a paper stuck on a box, and this meets the criteria :joy::joy::joy:, you should check again


@NianticAtlas pls look at the Streetview picture. Here you can’t see the picture on the electric cabinet

I want a second opinion on this portal!

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The forum is a 2nd opinion

be sportive and fair. Even ifrankman knows this portal was make to create home portals for eng players. Just like the most Electric boxes in Nijverdal. Some had even two hps made by enl player. So if now enl players are having fun that only the portals get removed in the naberhood from res players is very sad… this one in this post was even for a very long time the sticker removed by People living nearby becourse they didn like it.

Later they put a new sticker on it.

So when its not allowed to have portals with stickers on it just to get portal in front of a players house, be fair and remove them every where. Or let them be every where.

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This still looks like some proper street art. That’s a lot better than the photoshopped boxes in my Area that in reality never came near paint.

Fully agree with remove everywhere.
it is abuse.

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Maybe take a beter look, this is realy just a sticker on paper which is Destroyed by bad weather. And a sticker is a sticker. Its not realy art.