Invalid Wayspot Appeal - Soybeans

Title: Soybeans
Location: 46.91982, -96.82524099999999 Fargo, ND, USA

Info: First, this was an advertisement that ran for several years in the state of North Dakota for biodiesel made from soybeans. There were several of these all around the state at heavily trafficked areas, such as airports, truck stops, and malls; in this case, an airport.

Second, it was removed several years ago when the ad campaign ended, and hasn’t been at Hector International for a few years. It’s been replaced by kiosks for one of the airlines, as seen in the attached photo.

Screenshot of rejection email:

Photo of locaton currently:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the appeal, @DTrain2002 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.