Invalid Wayspot: TLCPL King Rd. Branch Sign

Please provide:

TLCPL King Rd. Branch sign


Sylvania OH




Rejection Criteria

Generic Business

Unsafe access


Sign advertising the location of the Toledo, Lucas County Public Library located at the corner of Sylvania Avenue and King Road.

Supplemental Information

New digital sign located at the corner of Sylvania Avenue in King Road for the King Road branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public library. As a public library, this is an area that is frequented by the community, is easily walkable, and is of public interest to people of all ages.

This POI was tagged with both the library and sign designation.

Question: should this be appealed? A Library is not considered a generic business. And the sidewalk adjacent to the sign is visible in the second photo, and from Google Street View.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The sign by itself isn’t a great place to socialise, exercise or explore.

Typically when you see a sign submitted for a place, it’s being used to represent that place, rather than being submitted in its own right (though there are occasionally exceptions). Having looked at the area, the library already has a wayspot that’s situated on the building, so there’s no need for the sign to be nominated as well.

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