Lake Rhododendron wrong edit

  • Wayspot Title: Lake Rhododendron
  • Location (lat/lon): Ingress
  • City: Brønderslev
  • Country: Denmark

  • Additional Information (if any):

First of there is a wrong or more photos on this portal.

The portal is the Lake Rhododendron and is clearly the one next to the bridge in front of Ingress ( Stor Aggression )

The photo shows the water fountain and the flowers behind it.

It’s the ’ dirt 'you can see and the water fountain is clearly there also.

This edit I noticed today is as wrong as it can be.

If someone knows the google form for edits over 10m please let me know and I will drop the current edit.

You don’t use the form. Edits of over 10 metres should be done through the Wayfarer Support Chat, which you can access by logging into your wayfarer account, navigating to the help page and then tapping the orange speech bubble in the corner.