Language in the categories

For several time i recieve a problem while nominating some portals.

As when i get to “set up category” it show me categories in… ENGLISH. not my language as everywhere else, but in english. As i do speak english (or maybe at the moment i can understand a little bit more than a begginer) im trying to search them by the name and - they are not avalible. In one language they are there, in english they have name that even with translation tool its hard to get them.

Could anyone tell me whats going on? I heard from some people that they also have the issue(but not everybody)

Hi, could you be a little bit more specific about what you are experiencing so that this can be looked into?

Please share what game you are nominating in, if this is a problem with the nomination flow in one of the games (to my knowledge Ingress doesn’t have categories implemented), and please take a screenshot and share it here.

If this is a language issue please also share what system language your device is in and what language you set the game to.

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Hi there,

Im adding portals by pokemon go, as my level in Ingress is still to low.

While im adding a “pokestop” there is a page where i should describe a category of added objects. This one unfortunatelly switch itself to english.

Iń Polish language as it was till nie IT was morę easy for me to find a specifica objects category. Now in english its kinda hard to find a specific thing/name even thoo i use translator to find the correct names.

That’s just the case i Ask for, as it is strange that only categories have change in the language used in game.

Im using android (no idea what number). Inge language is Polish/english, but settings was always like this.

Thank you for clarifying the game. Could you please attach a screenshot of the issue?