• Wayspot Title: Colouring In

  • Location (lat/lon): -27.565048,153.039313

  • City: Brisbane

  • Country: Australia

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information:

I would like to move it to these co-ordinates:
-27.564844353546075, 153.03934826354217

“Colouring In” is currently located almost on top another Wayspot “Coopers Plains Library” as seen here:

In an effort to differentiate the Wayspot and the corresponding 3D scan from the “Coopers Plains Library” Wayspot, as you can see they are just 4m apart and the 3D scanning is interfering with each other.

You can see that the coloured pencil marker posts extend all the way along the frontage of the library, so the location being moved slightly won’t cause it to be incorrectly located.

A reminder that trying to move the location of an already correct wayspot for game advantage is unlikely to be looked on favorably by forum staff reviewing your appeal.

Well that’s annoying, the 3D scans are crossing over.

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer. Based on our research, the Wayspot is at the correct location and does not require any adjustments at this time.