Location edit appeal "Stojkov Logo"

  • Wayspot Title: Stojkov Logo

  • Location (lat/lon): 45.247673 /19.820526

  • City: Novi Sad

  • Country: Serbia

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email

  • Additional Information (if any): The POI in question is located in on the front and top of the building where the edit was suggested, rather than in the back of the building, as can be seen and confirmed from Google streetview https://maps.app.goo.gl/HG2k3hte581Wz13D6

You can appeal rejected edits from your contributions page. You get two appeals with a 20 day timer each. If the button is grayed out, you don’t currently have an appeal available.

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That edit looks as though it would be over 10m. I would submit the location edit via help chat.

Thank you both, I’ve appealed via contributions page.