Long Distance Title Edits

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to request title edits from long distances.

I was looking at my submissions today and noticed two ones that have typos and errors in the titles. I did those while on vacation, so it’s no longer feasible for me to return to them, but they’re bothering me so I’m curious if it’s possible for it to be done manually from far away.

How far away? Ingress has a much wider edit range than PoGo

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Well, the bad title (wrong word order) is about 1,500 miles away in Massachusetts and the typo is about 90 miles away in Oklahoma.

So, even if I were to start playing Ingress and grind for awhile to get up to level, it’d still be useless from my location in Texas.

100km is about 62 miles, so even the one in OK would be hard to submit an edit for. For reference, 1 mile is about 1.61 km.

I completely forgot about the kilometer aspect too. It’ll forever be in the back of my mind that I misspelled it as “Oklahona”

I have mentioned this before, but we believe that distance restrictions in the title and description are unnecessary.
But, we think it is unfortunate that the location information edit is limited given the abuse that existed before.

It would be best for quality improvement to allow Wayfinders who are willing to improve quality to do so without restrictions, rather than leaving ambiguous titles, blank or incorrect descriptions.
It would also be better if the text could be editable on a PC and on the web, where it is much easier to create text than on a smartphone.

However, considering the game system of Pokemon GO, which allows users to battle at remote Pokemon gyms with Remote Raid Pass, it may be difficult to remove the distance limit, since users may be able to battle at remote Pokemon gyms by themselves if the distance limit is eliminated.
In such a case, it may be possible to solve the problem by making it editable only on the Web.

Have they already gone into voting? If the nominations are still in queue you should be able to edit the text to fix the typos on the contributions management page.

Well, the submission in Massachusetts is from two years ago. The title edit in Oklahoma is from two months ago or go. They’ve long been accepted.

Oh, my bad! I totally misunderstood :sweat_smile:

I always thought we should get exceptions on nominations we made ourselves. Like text changes, or to submit an additional picture - even from across the planet.

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