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I see we got a new page design. I want it to be better, but honestly this is way more messy than the old version. I can’t find anything now, but at least it seems we got some emoji reactions??Great, it’ll be like Social Media (not a compliment).
Anyway, it seems like I had to create my account again when logging in with my Ingress mail as I always do. I don’t know why but this was the only access choice. And all my stats, info, medals, posts, EVERYTHING was gone when I got to my page here. Only thing added, forcefully, was my Niantic ID which I never use and really just want to delete.
This is just one big headache.
What’s up, Niantic?


Welcome to the new forum space.

We switched to a completely different platform for community fora and that’s why you see these changes. We could not migrate all the data from the previous platform and that’s why you needed to start afresh.

Please give it some time and you will get used to this space as well. On a personal note, I find it interesting.

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The first suggestion that really helped me make sense of this new layout was to go to Interface and choose Categories as the Default. Adjust the Color Scheme there has really helped, too.

Several ambassadors helped me a lot on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord, and there is still a lot we are all trying to figure out. But I think I like this new forum better.

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This would have been nice to know before it happened. Emails with surveys is a thing, emails about changes of this size and impact should be obligatory to send out.
What I’m the most confused about is this: If you actually decide to make changes this drastic, why not change it to a more user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and more intuitive interface?
It’s great that the users who are very invested in the forum can find their way around (with help from various Discords and what not, from what I can see). Some, like me, just need to ask a question from time to time in order to be able to do actual Wayfarer - which I love.
If I were to invest in trying to navigate this mess (sorry, but it’s CRAZY), it would take away from my actual Wayfarer time. That is not gonna happen.
I’m legit very sorry to see everything was just deleted. This makes it impossible to refer to previous cases and discussions. RIP.

Also please, how do you delete your Niantic ID?

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Wait, and you still can’t delete your forum account? YIKES

The changeover to this forum was announced on the old forum. Tintino did state that only a small amount of things would get brought over from the old forum and that it would be a fresh start. The topic had plenty of attention and was posted in advance of the move happening. I guess you must’ve not visited the old forum for several weeks before the changeover took place?

As for Niantic ID, I guess you might be able to do stuff with it here, but I don’t know if deleting it will have any effect on your wayfarer or game accounts. It will prevent you from logging into this forum if you do it, as you need a Niantic account to be here.


You are just confirming my point really. It was only announced in the forum, forcing every member to be a certain amount of active and regularly too. This is very excluding. To make sure all users would be informed of this very drastic change, emails should have been sent out. Just kinda repeating my point here, since it was always about emails - I never said anything about what was announced on the forum or not, since I don’t really find it that relevant.
And no, I don’t think I visited the forum for several weeks (gasp!) before the horrid transformation. I did not know that was a rule… If I did though, it was to find something else and it’s not exactly because the news would jump in your face anyway. The original forum was almost as unintuitive and messy as this version.

I don’t even know how my post ended up in Bug Reports & Technical Support. I also don’t know why I just can’t get a simple answer about the Niantic ID issue and forum account issue. From an actual Niantic staff member…
These issues have to do with personal data and how your company chooses to handle said data.
It is highly unusual and very problematic to create a forum (two, actually) where users are not even able to access an option to delete their account.
At some point Niantic has to start taking this seriously.

Hey, could you please give the requested information?


Here is the post in regards to the new forum; I don’t know why anyone who previously responded to you didn’t provide this link. It was originally posted in the old forums on March 26th, but we didn’t move to these forums on April 3rd; it was actually around April 8th.

Some highlights:

  • Niantic ID is required to use the new forums.
  • Ambos now have more mod access, so they can move posts from one category to another, moderate flagged posts, etc, hence why your post most likely is now in Bug Reports.
  • Since the old forums are now an archive, all user accounts have now been deleted; if you try to sign into the old forums, you will get a permission denied error message.
  • You can still access old posts on the archived forums at this link: https://wayfarer.vanillacommunities.com/

I think we all can understand your frustration with how users were notified about this. Keep in mind that not all Wayfarers use the forums, and Niantic would most likely have to send an email to all Wayfarer users, and that could be confusing to non-forum users.

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Please say something about the missing option to back out of this horror of a UI. And generally Niantic needs to say something about the missing option to back out and delete one’s account here if forum participation is no longer something you want.
I have seen 0% other game forums act like this.
Please explain how forced forum is either legally or ethically okay.
Silence is not a good look here. And it’s not like this is the first time this has come up.

If only the change was for the better.

lol I tried asking the idi0t bot how to delete my forum account and it replied that I should add a link about a cat breed in my reply. I’m glad someone’s having fun…

Please reach out to Wayfarer help chat requesting them to delete your Forum account. Please note that you will not be able to access the community forum again if we delete your account.


Please put the option to delete account on the user page. Having to ask some team to be set free is not acceptable. It’s incredible that Niantic hasn’t learned that yet. The delete account option is apparently in Go now, just put it everywhere that users need it.
Any word on the unwanted Niantic ID?

I didn’t even consent to the creation of this new forum account. I logged in with Gmail as always. I had no idea it would create a new account. Why wasn’t an email (as a minimum!) sent out to all Wayfarer forum users with this quite drastic change?

Until I can be sure your company has ACTUALLY deleted the data I asked them to delete when I deleted my Pokémon GO account + asked for complete data deletion for it more than two years ago, I don’t really feel I have an option to delete anything else.
We have to make sure Niantic really does “care about user privacy”. Until that happens, I have to stay unfortunately.
The email support team keeps addressing me by my PoGO account name that should be deleted and that I haven’t used, obviously, since the account deletion. Yet they say everything is deleted.
At this point Niantic is being investigated by Danish data authorities, but honestly I wish it wouldn’t have to come this far and more than anything, that Niantic would actually take these things seriously.
You HAVE TO work on these serious problems in your company so future users can feel safe trusting you with their data.

Please reach out to privacy@nianticlabs.com
This team has the necessary information to assist you with this request.

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Of course I have been trying to get them to help me for months, if not years, already.
I wrote to your European DPO and they sent me to that address. :expressionless:
The person “helping” me there insists they can’t do anything and that “unique cases take time”, while the “investigation” is apparently okay to handle with me in in-game support in Ingress. Please note the extra bonus of Ingress NOT sending in-game notifications when you have an answer to your support ticket. :flushed:
I haven’t heard from them in months btw, support ticket is just left open. I check almost daily, but :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

I will continue to hold you to this. If you can’t see what the problem is, that is just even more concerning.

Thanks for the opportunity and Wayfarer product, but :flushed:!?

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