Lost all profile info

@NejanticID It seems like you’re facing multiple issues that may require different avenues for resolution. To address your specific concerns:

  • For deleting your forum account: Please reach out to Wayfarer Help Chat. They are better equipped to assist you with this process.
  • For privacy-related concerns: Contact privacy@nianticlabs.com. They specialize in handling privacy matters and can provide assistance with any data-related issues.
  • For issues related to a specific Niantic title: It’s advisable to contact the respective support team of that title. They have the expertise to address game-specific issues effectively.

Continuing to raise the same concerns without following the appropriate channels for resolution may not yield the desired outcome. If you have further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the relevant support channels mentioned above. Additionally, if the thread continues to veer off-topic, it may need to be closed to maintain the forum’s focus. Thank you for your understanding.

Of course you do, this is not a good look for you. However, I have very valid points and I’m sure you know that.
To address your points - and underline why I am even writing about these things here -

  • I already said I need to be sure my data is safe before I can do that.

  • I already said I have tried that address several times over a span of months, if not years, and nothing comes out of it. When you say “They specialize in handling privacy matters”, does a quiet in-game chat support in Ingress for months sound specialized to you?

  • I initially contacted in-page Wayfarer support, they were the ones who kept sending me to the Pokémon removal request page. Sooooo…???

About what will “yield the desired outcome”, nothing seems to yield anything, now does it? I’ve fought for my privacy for over two years now. Nothing “yielded” though. So please understand why trust is completely lost, and go ahead and close the thread or whatever. I just think people deserve to know what’s going on.

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