Modification History Tooltip Doesn't Function


When looking at edit submissions in the Contributions tab, there’s a section right below the status of the contribution that states when the nomination was last edited (if it was previously edited). I’ve highlighted this in a blue box on this picture:

As can be seen in my screenshot, this section has a tooltip in the form of a (?) button, presumably intended to either explain what this information is for, or to show previous edits on it. However, it doesn’t do anything when tapped on, hence why I am unsure of the actual purpose of it. I am curious what this is actually intended to do when it works properly.

Date Noticed

June 28th 2024

Broswer Details

Chrome 126.0.6478.122 for Android. Tested on multiple different Android devices running this version of Chrome.

When I hover over the question mark, it does show me this text:

Screenshot 2024-06-27 215111

Now, I’m on a Windows 11 laptop using Chrome, so that could make a difference.

Not all that useful, if you ask me.

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Well it’s good that I now know what it’s meant to do, so thanks for that, but it still doesn’t fix the fact it’s not working on the mobile layout.

I just tried on my S10 in Chrome, and it pops up for less than a second when holding down, then Chrome asks if I want to take an action, like open a new tab, etc.

Certainly seems to not be a mobile friendly tool tip.