Multiple emails on decision

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  • Description of the issue
    Have received several ‘Edit Decisions’ in the past couple days with disputing information.
    4 responses April 9th to ‘Title Edit’ for one wayspot, with 3 responses saying it was “not accepted” and 1 saying it “was accepted”
    3 reponses today to ‘Title Edit’ not accepted
    Multiple responses to ‘Description Edit’ April7th both accepting and not accepting edit.

It is hard to follow if your edit was accepted or not when you receive emails for both. Then you have to wait for the upload in game and find out.

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced
    Most recent was today April 10 at 11:32am

  • Device type, model, and operating system
    Using Google Mail

  • Game & Game Version (if applicable)

Getting multiple emails is expected behaviour if you did multiple edits to the same wayspot. However, getting them on different days is weird unless you did edits in between?

No I am getting duplicates of the emails. On a description edit for one wayspot I received both these emails:

  1. Unfortunately, the community has decided not to accept your Wayspot edit.
    2)Congratulations, the community has decided to accept your Wayspot edit.
    As well as the third email being the title edit not accepted.

On another wayspot I received 4 emails for a ‘title edit’

  1. Congratulations, the community has decided to accept your Wayspot edit.
    2,3,4) Unfortunately, the community has decided not to accept your Wayspot edit.

I am used to occasionally getting a duplicate email that it was accepted or rejected. But receiving both a YES and NO for the same edit at the same time is confusing.

This was one of the examples with the title edit. I only sent in one edit and received 4 emails… One Yes and 3 No.

Thank you for providing more details. I was just trying to rule out that it was intended, with the wayspot details someone from the staff should be able to check what happened here.

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Did you receive multiple submission emails as well when you made the edit?

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I just looked at that example for the title edit and yes I had received 4 email responses that it was made.

I guess that means perhaps 4 Title Edits were entered instead of 1?!

The question is now how long until the edit would normally take effect before I would need to verify and/or resubmit. Atleast with the Title Edit I can look on intel map as it is too far away for me to see.

If you submit multiple of the same edit (e.g. same title edit four times), and it is approved, you will receive one ‘approval’ email for the first one and then rejection emails for the rest.

Thanks. However in this case I submitted only one edit, not multiple. So not sure what happened. I do occasionally get multiple responses thanking me for an edit. Which is odd since I only did one. I will just keep going with what I am doing.
I did try the help chat for something but it seems pointless. They basically denied my appeal saying I should try again :joy:
Definitely not loving this new system. For the multiple emails I will just add them to my current process to check updates in a week then do further edits if needed.

Sometimes, when you submit a nomination/edit, there is a lag (often due to a slow network but not necessarily) and if you continue to click on submit during that time, the same submission may be submitted multiple times within seconds. This is what happened in this case. There were multiple submissions recorded leading to multiple emails.