Niantic reviewed Pokestop removed

I’ve had a portal removed that was on a park well over 100 feet from any houses.

I PAID for Niantic to REVIEW portals at a Chicago anomaly. They approved it. Then over a year later it was removed. No explanation given.

They told me they would get back to me about reviewing portals that had been rejected as well. Since that was part of the package I paid for. They never did.

So Niantic basically stole my money

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OPR Live hasn’t been a thing for years…it was to fast track any pending submissions, look at ANY rejection you received, and have a hands on review with a Niantic representative.

If you think a removal is them stealing your money, you clearly didn’t understand the point of OPR Live. I know my entire backlog of a few years was cleared after I did my first OPR Live.

Chicago…so in May 2019. It’s almost like a certain event made you aware of this.