"Niantic Wayspot nomination decided for" emails from Wayfarer does not include image

“Niantic Wayspot nomination decided for” emails does not include image.

Image was included in emails before emails got changed, maybe about 2-3 years ago.

“Niantic Wayspot media submission decided for” emails does have image included.

Do not see any significant email size difference between emails with and without image.

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For Wayspot nominations, it would be nice to include the accepted image. And yes, they wouldn’t take up that much space, most likely less than 50K in data.

Just looking at my emails, with one of my most recent Wayspot submissions, the email that it was received was 41K, and that includes both the main and supporting photos in it. Edit received emails are anywhere from 35-37K, and photo submission received emails are around 39-40K. Decision emails, regardless if they are for Wayspot/photo submissions or edits, are around 35-37K, similar to the edit received emails.