No sync problem (again)

Dear Niantic Wayfarer, you broke sync again.
Wayspots accepted more than 48 hrs ago and in free cells/outside 20 meter apart etc are not appearing. One PoGO-based Wayfinder reports their Wayspot is visible on Intel, but hasn’t synced in any game (that’s a first?) and I see multiple reports from Ingress-based Wayfinders as well about the missing sync.
Please fix, including restoring/launching the accepted Wayspots. Thanks.


Confirm. A nomination accepted on May 23 is not showing yet in either IITC or PoGo, and it should appear in both based on the usual rules. This also affects photos added to existing wayspots in the same time frame which are not being synced to the wayspots.

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I have the same problem too.I am waiting for Niantic resolution.


First, sync is an issue for the games teams, not Wayfayer.

Second, both games that perform a daily sync have major events happening over the next 2 weeks. Ingress has an Anomaly and PGO has a 4 day GO Fest in Japan.

From what i have observed, Ingress always pauses their sync for events to freeze the gameboard. I assume they will resume sync after the weekend.

If PGO is not syncing, that is unanticipated. But i will also say that it’s a holiday weekend in the US plus PGO teams may be prepping for international travel. We will try to raise this issue with them, but i doubt they will see it as an emergency. New POI will come online when sync is reenabled. Until then, the current gameboard should provide plenty of places to play over the weekend.


Ok but the point isn’t about places to play or which team is responsible for this sync bug fix.
I just thought it would be appropriate to raise a Wayfarer bug report since many Wayfarer users are affected by this.
An idea, if this is a recurring issue because of Ingress events: Maybe they shouldn’t turn off sync then. Or at least give Wayfarer users good info when it occurs. It takes quite a lot of insider knowledge to figure out what is happening in these situations and most Wayfarer users have no chance to know this.
So I’ll stick with reporting the bug. Thanks for understanding.


Also a very good suggestion for the teams would be to send out info everytime they decide to just turn off sync for whatever reason. I strongly recommend they do this. People have no idea what’s going on. Not everyone knows about Anomaly and what else can give these issues.
So like in so many other examples. communication is key.


You’re calling this a Wayfarer issue, but you’re looking for those POI in the games. Its not hard to learn the difference when something is a Wayfarer issue versus a game issue. All the communication from Wayfarer says games have their own inclusion rules, that includes the schedule at which they show up.

As for communication, again, its not up to the Wayfarer team to send this out because its not under their control. They may not even get notice that it is happening. So then it would come from the game team. But i totally understand why they wpuld hesitate to do that. In PGO, only a very minor percentage of their playerbase even knows about sync. So they’d have to write an email that first explains sync and then explains why it is being paused. Ingress might have a slightly larger playerbase that knows about sync, but its still the same concept.

Again, its much easier to just pause it and people will figure out what’s happening. POI not being added to the games for a few days or a week is not an emergency.


Two days ago the community approved my new request of Pokestop, but now, after 48 hours, the pokestop is not appeared. It’s in a free cell, there aren’t so much pokestop in my little town, so i need your help to understand.

32 hours ago, they approved 2 other my requests, and until now they have not appeared.

Please help me

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I moved this here because this is most likely due to the sync being paused.

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@seaprincesshnb thank you!

I do know the difference omg. But it’s the games we make Wayspots for… :skull:
You described the Niantic way very accurately. “Just f… things up, don’t give info, people will figure out eventually…” (No they won’t)
Billion dollar company. :joy:
Good to see their Ambassadors stick up for them no matter how they mess up. :ok_hand:

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I don’t like the whole logic but I have to say the Ambassador is being fair. Wayfarer is working correctly and the POIs are being added to Lightship (if i return to the place and try to upload a new pokestop, i see the pin on the map associated with the recently accepted wayspot, even though it hasn’t been synced to Pokémon GO yet.) so yeah communication should come from the Pokémon GO team but again this could be very simple just saying Trainers please be aware that there might be some delay in new pokestops appearing in the game over this weekend if they were approved over the last X days due to Y motivation. Would be nice. On the other hand it is however also partly a Wayfarer issue in the sense that when we receive emails about acceptance we are warned that not all wayspots will appear in all games and that it may take up to 48 hours to appear, so if the latter does not apply during special events then maybe also the messaging from Wayfarer could be further clarified.


I hear what you’re saying about the email wording upon approval. But how detailed does it need to be? Do they need to go figure out every single circumstance that might cause a POI not to appear? I don’t think that’s realistic. You often go with the 80/20 rule - explain what will cover at least 80% of circumstances. Inclusions rules and waiting 48 hours covers well over 80% of the reasons why POI don’t appear immediately. I find that when i provide too much detail to my cusotmers at work, they stop reading. (We expert Wayfinders are a different breed who love details.)


That’s why we have ambassadors right? To cater to the OCD minority as well as the main player base? XD


We’ve actually expressed a lot of advice on wording changes and increased clarity. You know how it is getting a wall of text when all you really care about is “approved/rejected.” Unfortunately, speed, clarity, and customer satisfaction are not the strongest traits at Niantic.
When emails still differentiated game client and before Lightship took over, Ingress acceptance emails actually did say it would show up in map vs being too close! And made it clear you’d receive a Portal Key (kind of similar to getting a Gift but also vastly different).

But also, it’s not Wayfarer’s prerogative or “brand” to make commitments and then have something go down incorrectly. Wayspots can move before sync, it could be geo-blocked, or just incorrectly identified.

OK, but you came to Walmart to complain about Sam’s Club.

It’s entirely possible the Wayfarer team isn’t aware. There’s a Reddit community space for Ingress engagement you can bring your concerns to.

You have. And in honesty strictly saying it is not poorly received. COMMUNITY can share what we discover - “Hey, sync seems to be delayed. With up an American holiday weekend, expect it not to be back until Tuesday but know it might be sooner or later.” But I don’t think we should expect gaming announcements to be coming from Wayfarer, taking time away from Wayfarer development of Wayfarer issues, when the games have dedicated staff and communications directors.

You must be new here if you think Ambassadors (current and retired) stick up for Niantic. We have been and continue to be some of the most critical of Niantic and the Wayfarer team, to suggest otherwise discredits you in a cheap attempt to discredit those who have worked hard to improve things, even aspects they don’t care for.

Oh, and I literally cannot count the number of communications you can solely thank Ambassadors for happening - yes, some even directly about sync.


Acceptance emails do still differentiate the game client, so in theory they could still have text for whether or not your accepted wayspot will be a portal:

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i was cleaning out my inbox of years old niantic emails. these subject lines were so nice and let you know what you wanted to know right away


Viewed from the lofty and rarefied air breathed by Niantic Ambassadors, it seems apparent to you where all of the lines, demarcations and categories separate various groups and departments within Niantic.

Has Niantic provided such a map to the huddled masses? From the outside, the entire process seems quite opaque. Don’t you think it would make sense for the Wayfarer Group to feed back to the various games groups about this breakdown in communication?

Communication - or its lack - often is at the heart of players feedback. Sometimes it feels like those who are inside the organization forget what it is like to be outside.

Successful business practices include providing a seamless experience for customers: nobody says “That’s not my department”. Niantic is rather unique in saying “You need to fill out a (mis-titled) form that asserts you are a property owner” or “There’s a different process for short- and long-distance location edits, and those in-between are totally hosed!”

Where are the maps and flow charts that could help people navigate this mess?


Acceptance emails do still differentiate the game client

I meant when they were formatted entirely different and from “ops@ingress” and “hello@PoGO” or whatever sender, customized text based on what game. Would most PoGO players care to see “your Wayspot was accepted as a Portal in Ingress” whether or not it shows up in PoGO?

so in theory they could still have text for whether or not your accepted wayspot will be a portal

Correction: at time of approval you’d know it will become a Portal. While extremely unlikely, Wayspots may be moved (or removed) before sync time that can affect whether or not it shows up. Again, extremely unlikely, but possible.

Sigh. This is why we come in here to try to patiently explain it to people who don’t have the same view we do. I suppose we could just ignore these discussions and let them sit unanswered because Niantic staff aren’t quick to jump in to answer these questions. Or when they do, its often a brief reply like, “Thanks, we will look in to it” (with no follow up) or “Working as intended” or “I’m closing this thread now because this is not a Wayfarer issue.”

But if we try to explain, we get accused of being shills or thinking that we are better than others.

Someone flagged a comment in here as rude (to me) and i denied the flag because people are allowed to express their frustration. I’m not interested in silencing people.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that i would wipe out and completely change if i could. But that’s not possible. I have to learn to work within the current system and make sure that i keep bringing user concerns forward. But doing that means focusing on the issues that are causing issues for the largest number of users and that can be solved in a reasonable time (so, not, like, completely rebuilding the system from scratch). Something like this is an annoyance, but it’s not a critical issue.

It’s also vitally important to remember that “Niantic” is just a collection of humans working a job. They have rules, policies, and goals outlined by their management structure that they have to achieve.