Nomination rejected when it meets criteria

i am on my way there now to talk to the owner and take a screen shot of the pogo map as some of them dont actually appear :slight_smile:

Remember that the owner may not be the one who runs the league, but they should know how to get in touch with that person. You may need to wait until the next tournament to talk to the league organizer. Just don’t interrupt them while they are running the tournament, there’s a lot to do. Talk to them in the down time.


Your Gaming Shop is roughly here so in the same square as the Methodist Church and the Jewellers Clock, one of which will show in Go. The gaming store won’t appear unfortunately.

If the Plough is in Go neither the Conservative Club or the Rotary Noticeboard will appear in Go even though they are both added to the map.

well that sucks then lol , we have so few stops here yet when i go to london there is millions close to each other well thank you all for the help it is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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