Option to remove existing Wayspot photos needed

There really needs to be added an option to report existing Wayspot photos that somehow violate Wayfarer rules.
There are so many distorted, filtered horrors out there, but worse… There’s this:

This is just one example.
How can we NOT have a report option for the photo?
Please consider permanently adding this as a feature. :pray:
(If I didn’t censor the ‘tennis court’ enough, please let me know or feel free to censor further, thanks).
I tagged this with report abuse, because it also seems to be Wayfarer abuse (I mean, who accepted this?)

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you can request in help chat for a photo to be removed and they will act quickly for cases such as this one


I figured you could do that, but I generally think it’s a problem with bad photos (as in violations, not personal taste).

I need to add that a handful of Ingress players just liked the photo to point out it’s a problem, not that it’s the best photo. :upside_down_face:

Just report as invalid

The portal is not invalid.

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yeah I see what you’re saying. if I were reporting one like this I would specifically ask that their be an investigation into how it was approved. whether they do so is another matter


Hello @majanomad
It’s great to see your enthusiasm to join in with discussions.
Do read the replies from @tehstone it’s not obvious to someone who is new to the forum, but he is a very experienced and knowledgeable Wayfinder. He has described the correct method of dealing with this sort of situation so that there is a swift correction of the photograph without interfering with the wayspot.
There is a lot of great information scattered around the forum as people have answered questions. Take time to absorb that information- this is standard advice to anyone who is new here :sunglasses:


We have removed the image in question. You should see the changes reflected soon.


Thanks. Will your team consider adding the option mentioned to the Report sections in the games? :pray:

I’ll share the feedback with the team for their consideration.

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Ahh how strange wonder was going through there head…

Such is the nature of forums, I thought the whole portal was invalid. From the bad old days :wink:

Ah times have changed :sunglasses:
There have been a lot of changes since you started and this is maybe one of them.

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I will just say that ML is approving new photos super quick these days. I submitted one last week, and about a minute later, it was accepted while I was still at the Wayspot!

Now, I did submit a valid photo of the old church bell on display, so I wasn’t violating criteria, but if others are abusing the system because ML is quickly accepting photos, ML may need some additional schooling, again.

Not always though.

This is accepted within 1 minute

These three get sent to voting :thinking: