POI got accepted but not yet live in game

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my concern regarding the Points of Interest (POI) that was approved more than 48 hours ago but is still not live in the game.

I understand that there might be various reasons for delays, such as scheduled update cycles, technical issues, final reviews, communication delays, or server propagation times. However, the extended wait has caused significant frustration, and I would appreciate an update on the status of my POI.

Could you please provide an explanation for the delay and an estimated time frame for when the POI will be live? Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked out this thread yet?
It depends on the game whether or not it will show up. All the poi go into the general database and each game has different criteria for populating them. Distance to other poi or number in a cell.


Welcome @pokeboyj24oy

Your approved wayspots first get added to the Lightship database.

Each individual game decides on specific rules as to how it will select wayspots to use from that database.

For Pokémon Go the rules revolve around the use of some mapping software commonly referred to as S2 cells it breaks down the surface into smaller and smaller cells - each size is referred to as level and a number.

Google S2 cells and Pokémon Go - Pokémongohub has a very good explanation.

If you provide the name of the wayspot andlocation we can check but this is the very likely explanation.

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