Pokestop deleted. Why?


Now my waypot are red. No accept. But 2 years ago it got a yes.

Given the placement above a garage door, two things immediately spring to mind:

  1. if the garage is used by cars, it could be unsafe as it would be directly in the line of vehicles

  2. garages are often attached to a single family private residence. If this is the case, it would be removed for being on private residential property.

We don’t really have much to go on from the images provided.

Actually, a third thing came to mind, it looks like it might be a mass produced sundial from a store.


Maybe it’s on the Lightship map, but the game you play doesn’t select it for its gameboard. When you say “my wayspot are red”, do you mean you’ve submitted the same thing again, and it was rejected?

Maybe it is already added to the Lightship map, but your game doesn’t select it for play.