Pokestops are not reflected

These were approved on 2024/02/26
but still not reflected in the game.
Could you please confirm?

If you give us GPS coordinates, we can look at why these may be missing. It’s probably due to inclusion rules for Pokemon GO.

(35.2558780, 136.9614019)

(35.2555292, 136.9617673)

The chair was accepted at 35.255456, 136.961610 so will not sync.

One picnic table was accepted at 35.255715, 136.961517 so will not sync.

Another picnic table was accepted at 35.255688, 136.961401 so will not sync.

Keep in mind that purposefully misplacing pins for proximity reasons is abuse.


Ok. I understand.
These were maybe accepted in the past
but the pins are moved,so it didn’t sync.
The real position of GPS is where I said.
Is it possible to move them to the correct GPS coordinates?

The table
35.2558780, 136.9614019

The chair
35.2555292, 136.9617673

2024年5月26日(日) 4:53 NvlblNm via Niantic Wayfarer <notifications@wayfarer.discoursemail.com>:

Unfortunately, the current location appears to be correct based on the satellite imagery, so I don’t believe you’ll be able to successfully get it moved to that location.

I can’t say that the current location is correct - I don’t really see it, but maybe I’m just missing something. Or maybe it’s not visible on street view, but there is a park map somewhere that I didn’t look for.

Who knows :person_shrugging:

One thing seems pretty clear though - it’s highly unlikely that it’s at that street corner.


I got it. Thank you for your reply.