Private home playground in garden with location marker set right in the house "does not meet our criteria for removal at this time"

Trying to help keep the map clean and reflecting reality. This effort rarely feels like a collaboration with Niantic though…

Would love to hear a detailed explanation from the team who rejected this report in the Wayfarer page on how a private playground in a single-family private residence’s garden (but actually placed inside the home itself!) “does not meet Niantic’s criteria for removal”?
It’s misplaced, it’s private residence and it’s most likely accepted via Wayfarer abuse, such as multiple accounts abuse or voting circles. I trust the average reviewer to not accept such obvious cases of abuse anyway.

Subject placed in this category because messy forum does not offer better options. Thanks for understanding.


So I was actually hoping to get some Niantic response to this, like we had appeals in the old forum…?

I’m sure you’ll get one in time, just have to be patient as there’s a lot of reports for them to go through.

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Thanks for the appeal @NejanticID After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

Thank you, though I have to stress that zero additional evidence was provided here. I added all the info in the initial report too.
I wish reports could start being properly reviewed in the first place. I’ve seen this too many times: Headless rejections where it’s clear the Wayspot wasn’t even looked at.
Regretfully, this seems to be default mode for reports review.


Yeah same for me on my last one - I only pointed out the evidence already there on Google Maps

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