Public Library and Public School in same building

My understanding of the Wayfarer rules is that any submission on K-12 school grounds would be ineligible, full stop. However, my town has a bit of a unique situation. Our public library is shared with that of our local elementary school (K-6). During school hours, it is closed to the public and used exclusively by the school. After hours and on weekends, it is open to the general public. Students are free to use their school library card even during public hours.

To summarize, my town has a hybrid elementary/public library. Would it still be ineligible as a Waypoint? Thanks.

Unfortunately that library will not be eligible. Things like K-12 and PRP trump things that would have otherwise met criteria.


Niantic’s fundamental decision was that the greater use defined the venue.

So, a public library can have a small child-care area, and is still eligible.

Ditto for a church with a small Sunday school or nursery school.

In your case, the major function of the site is to be an elementary school that includes a library, just like most schools have, but the library is dual-use on evenings, weekends and holidays.