Regent Garage, Heysham

Do people think this would make a good wayspot?
As this is a business I am unsure if it will be accepted. My reason for wanting to try is that it is architecturally different from any other building in the area, it really stands out, they have even kept the old Shell sign. It is a family run business over 3 generations of the same family and has been an important resource for villager for decades.
Description - An old style garage and family business, established over 80yrs ago.
Supporting info - A very unique building, kept in the original garage style of when it was built. A family run business, been in the same family for 3 generations. Culturally significant due to the architectural style and socially significant as its so established, and a part of village life. Good access, situated in lovely village with lots to explore.

The location is 38 Woborrow Rd, Heysham, Morecambe LA3 2PW

You are going for the explore criteria here, and that style of building does not stand out. I would guess it was something else prior to being a garage.
I might be more interested in the old shell sign if you can find out more or perhaps they have other old signs in the reception space.

So as it stands it is not a good candidate in my opinion but who knows what was digging may turn up.


Thank you for your feedback. I shall go and chat to them and see if i can find out anything interesting.

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I find talking to people sometimes turns up interesting nuggets.