Removed Oale grieze op de kast

why was this portal removed? It was plastered over by the neighborhood because they thought these cabinets were so boring gray. There are these portals all over the country that are good.

Wayspot Title: Oale grieze op de kast

Location (lat/lon): (52.3282778, 6.9255066)

City: Oldenzaal
Country: Netherlands

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: not recieved

  • Additional Information:

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Looks good to me, there are lots of these as portals. The ones who are not have there picture on it anymore can be reported but thisone is bright

Just leaving this here and wishing you a nice weekend.

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This is 100% a legit portal

There is a different one is nice and the other was ugly. They should have take care of the sticker and make them waterproof, just like the other hps from the frogs. They were in a bad conditioning for a long time.

According to the statement from NIA (see post before yours) stickers are not legit.
This is actually a very good statement from NIA that finally conveys a clear criterium concerning what’s allowed and what is not in this specific case.

It was Plastered over. Exactly as you say. So not a part of the legit clean Oldenzaal pois but clearly made for other purposes.

You have stickers like this

But also like this there is een different

This is an old baseliek church in this town the Plechelmus

And not part of the project

Created with only 1 purpose.

So um what prompts so many of you to speak up about a random appeal all of a sudden, and what are these frogs you speak of?


Did i mention that its the neighbours because that project is for streets that cleans the area. in this street we do it with the neighbors. not with that project

So all plasterd portal should be removed? I know a lot of hps

I guess the players who report this kind off portals also do that with the portals off there own comunity

Invalid is invalid. No matter which color.

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Some portals are just, random stickers placed on a junction box, some are placed by the neighborhood and so a legit portal.
If the neighborhood put it on and is ok with it. Then why should you remove this portal?

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Why was there an reference in the description of the poi to the school Oldenzaal project then?

I would say report them. And let Niantic decide just as with all removals