Reporting a player?

There is a player in my area whonis making constant fake waypoints to get stops in Pokemon GO.

Using photos from a different location and submiting in another location to get the stop approuved as where it is located, there is already a stop.

How can we report a player. I have flagged all the fake pokestops he submitted, but I know he will just do it all over again.

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Have you used the abuse form here?: Reporting Abuse in Wayfarer — Wayfarer Help Center

At the very end of the page, big orange button


I would suggest using the help chat and reporting them as a batch rather than individually. When I’ve done this in the past I’ve put together a Google Docs spreadsheet documenting the fakes, often with links to geotagged images to back up my assertions. I can’t prove this, but I suspect that Niantic getting the player’s fakes all at once rather than one at a time makes it more likely that they will get recognized as systemic cheaters rather than someone who makes an occasional mistake.