Request 2 Wayspots locations be almost switched & corrected

I walked Rahling Circle in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since Ingress is required to see both, I will type Portal but know the official term. I tried to suggest a location edit for the first but couldn’t. Perhaps the distance
Roosevelt Thompson Library’s is not where placed in the courtyard. I walked around the library to make sure a second sign did not exist. I did not find a second. I submitted this photo where the only one I know is.

That should have location data but the sign is at

I had to look using Ingress Intel Map to find the other Portal’s name. I have limited ability to use either app. This
Yes, the last word is Library. According to Google Maps, the true location for that Portal should be

I took a short video to better show the issues with my phone. However, the video is not a type that can be uploaded or I would (file type).

Hi! If you want to submit a location edit >10 m you need to go to Help Chat at Niantic Wayfarer website as here this type of edits are not treated.