Review your own stops

I will not waiste my time helping this game any more . Who ever stuff you accept should be the one reviewing stops i will not waist my time no more and you guys need to do more research on locations the gym in the midddle of a lake is ridiculous but you deny a brand neew board walk also the is a island no one goes to you people need to acutely do yoir jobs and look before you add a stop most of your people you accept are putinh in false info to get stops accepted FYi

That gym is not “in the middle of the ocean.” There are 2 POI on Wesley’s Island. I do not live in that aeea, but i am able to do a basic web search to immediately see the value of having POI at such a location.

This is an island that allows recreational visitors, college researchers, and even organizes field trips to primary school children. The goal is exploration through education of local wildlife and ecology.

These 2 POI are PERFECT examples of the Explore criterion, IMO.

Please moderate your posts. The existence of these POI does not hurt you in any way. Having your own submissions rejected is not related to the existence of any other POI. No one is going to want to help you if you keep expressing so much bitterness and anger. And, frankly, a complete lack of desire to understand how Wayfarer works.


All lies

There is no fam church on the island as a matter of fact there is no buildings at all on it .whos the lier saying there is a church there like i said i will be reporting all stops not correct or incorrect locations

You do realize you are fighting with a crowdsourced pin on Google Maps (not even Pokémon GO or Wayfarer), right?


You seem to be unable to understand how this all works. Let me explain.

There are 2 POI on this island. One is called “Wesley’s Island.”

It is a sign put up by St. Lucie County titled (it’s hard to read) “Wesley’s Island Phase II.” I can’t read all the details from the quality of the image that I have available, but it appears to give details on the restoration work that is being done/has been done on this island. According to what I found in multiple news articles from the area, a big part of that restoration work was removing trees and other plants not native to Florida and replanting native flora.

Here is a more clear image I found of this sign on the internet. (Shocking what you can find when you just look stuff up instead of ranting into the void.)

The other POI is named “Outdoor Chapel.”

Now, I think that probably is a poor name. I don’t think there is a church on this island. However, since actual county websites talk about the educational services offered on this island, I suspect this is more of an outdoor CLASSROOM. I would recommend an edit to retitle it to something like “Wesley’s Island Outdoor Classroom.” Though I understand why the original submitter thought that might not pass the K-12 restriction. Clearly, there is not a school on this small island even though it is used for educational purposes of students up through advanced college degrees.

Here, the outdoor classroom can clearly be seen on satellite.

Your claim that “no one goes to this island” is patently untrue. In the attached satellite images, you can clearly see a boat anchored off the coast of the island. And, as I have referenced, there are many websites explaining the many ways this island is used by people - both recreationally and for education. YOU may not have a way to get to this island, but that doesn’t mean that OTHERS don’t.

Why is there a pin on GOOGLE MAPS showing a church on this island? I don’t know. But that has nothing to do with either of the 2 POI that are on the Lightship map (the map Wayfarer uses).

Southern Living Magazine listed Wesley’s Island #1 on their list of “Florida Islands You’ve Never Heard Of” - the article extolls it as “a great place for hiking and fishing.”