Sintra - Portugal

Went to Sintra, (place where i pass most of my life) and decided to review all the pokestops and images from the main Village (all 5+ years outdated) from more than 20 nominations 0 (Zero) were acepted… all with good image, no other things in image, with descriptons (most of them statues on the local)… and none acepted…

Does wayfarer\ninantic still does any atualizations did i came to late to participate in this?

Thank you,

It would be better if you posted screenshots of your individual nominations. I do note that a couple of the things you submitted do sound like they would not meet the eligibility criteria, but I don’t really want to comment without seeing the photos and text you used for all of them.


Not sure how to do that, but here is a print screen of one of the nominations, what do you think i should add more?

This one says duplicate, not sure why…

This one has an awesome view of the Town Hall, from a watching area.

Thank you.

This is why the first one is a duplicate:

When you make a nomination, you’re nominating a wayspot for the Lightship database, and not a Pokéstop for Pokémon Go. If your nomination is accepted into the Lightship database, then it may get added to Niantic’s games depending on the specific proximity rules used in those games.

If you want to learn more about the proximity rule used in Pokémon Go, look up the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells in Pokémon Go. This should hopefully help you understand why your nomination is in the database but not able to show up in Pokémon Go.

In future, when you’re nominating something, you should begin the submission process at the location of what you’re nominating. The first screen will show you a map, and in the bottom left corner of the map is a toggle. If this toggle is on, all wayspots within 100 metres of your physical location will show up on the map (this doesn’t update if you move the pin away, you need to physically be stood there). It’ll look a bit like this:

All the blue icons represent wayspots that exist in Pokémon Go, whilst all the orange icons represent wayspots that aren’t in Pokémon Go but still exist in the database. You can tap these icons to see what they represent and make sure that you’re not trying to submit something that already exists in the database.

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Wow… seems a bit more complex than i tought…

I understood that i was posting on something that was not directly “Pokémon Go” but did not understood that it had so much… detailed “watchout” i was only following the “Ninantic Criteria”.

Still i do not understed why the location is so outdated (probably due this “compelexity”) is an awesome turism place in a Country of 10M people it recieves only in the village more than 30M\year.

Well Ok, i will look at the “tools” you provided me and study this better since it seems i need more comprhension on thus, a shame… it was an awesome sunny day and have some cool pictures lol.

Once again thank you for your help,