Thought on courtyard and picnic area by historic building

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this nomination before I use a hard earned upgrade. Also, please come with improvement suggestions if you have any.

Jagtgårdens Gårdhave

Picnic område i Jagtgårdens gårdhave. Fra gammel tid indtog Jagtgården en særstilling. Den var som flere andre gårde ejet af kongen, Frederik 2. Den blev valgt som kongens jagtresidens, og dermed fulgte flere rettigheder for gårdens fæster. Blandt andet kunne han købe det fremragende tyske øl billigt. Det var beregnet til udskænkning for kongen og hans følge, men fæsteren fik nok også selv lidt af det fremragende øl.

Sup info: Picnic and historic area.


Hi @xFISTx
My thoughts for this are:
Nice picnic area (niantic loves that)
Your supporting photo doesn’t show the table arrangement from your mainpic (that should be).
And… my first look was to zoom in and proof the ability to move this whole stuff.
I think there’re more people like me that probablly think that this is temporary. So it would be good to give informations about this in your supporting text.

For me it’s a POI :hugs:

I don’t understand this mindset that picnic tables are temporary. They are large and unwieldy to move. These do not look collapsible. So where do these magically go when they are moved? Who is dragging ALL of these tables around and storing them away, fully sized like this? Finally, they can be seen on satellite. Was it just happenstance that the satellite was flying overhead on one of the random days when these had been dragged out and set up?

It’s far more logical to deduce that these are permanent. This is a courtyard where people meet at picnic tables. Can they be slightly dragged and moved around within the space of the courtyard? Sure. But they still function as a meeting place. Wayfarer doesn’t have to be that precise. The courtyard is not going to move.


Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

I get your point in the supporting picture, but my thought was to highlight the spot where the grill is located (it is visible in the back of the main picture) and show that that area is a more permanent “installation” than the benches on the grass area.

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Oh @seaprincesshnb I enjoy your friendly responses so much :heart_eyes:

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Thanks. I was definitely hoping you wouldn’t take offense to that. But that is something I’ve scratched my head over for a long time.

Than feel free to ask :hugs:

Picnic areas havn’t been discussed here for the first time. Only this point give me a decend information, if my potentially nominated picnic area will be a safe bank nomination (no it isn’t).

Than the new picture show of clarifications shows, as a good example, a picnic area, where the floor is massive been used. Now I look at the pictures obove and see the greenest grass on earth :thinking:. Safe bank? (No)

Than, if you zoom in, you can see, that the whole thing is a alltogether stuff. My phantasy is huuuuuge, I can imagine, that two people could be able to put it up and bring it, f.e. over winter, inside. Safe bank? (No)

I’m probablly the only reviewer in the world with this opinion, but you can give a doubt on it. Safe bank? (No)

And, I think I mentioned it in different other topics, I believe that it is welcome by Niantic to have all us different-thinker.
If we get so strict rules, that we all see the same, think the same and click the same, this forum will not exist and you aren’t an amboss, because the robot would do this.

Hi AliceWonder1511. I just found this in the Criteria Clarification: Picnic areas and tables that appear to be permanent, even if not bolted to the ground like those above, are great places for socialization. Picnic Areas

And this: Shared community spaces in multi-family residences and apartments like those above can be eligible. Private Residences, Farmland & K-12

Just wanted to share in case you missed it :wink:

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