Two nominations are not visible yet

On June 14 they accepted 2 of my proposals, but they are not yet visible on the map :pleading_face:

I think they comply with the distance of 20 meters of separation, so I would like to know why they can’t see each other yet, please.

  1. Plaza del auditorio

Location from where it can be seen:

  1. Gallo Caludio


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The 20 metre rule is specific to Ingress. Pokémon Go uses Level 17 S2 Cells with a limit of one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell.

In both cases, these nominations are eligible to appear in Ingress, but they are both in Level 17 S2 Cells that already contain a Pokéstop or Gym, so neither can appear in Pokémon Go. The plaza is in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as “Zona de Juegos De Ignacio Allende”, whilst Foghorn Leghorn is in the same cell as “Mural de Limpieza del Rio”.


Always clear and punctual, Hank! :fire:

Thank you very much for the confirmation and support :call_me_hand:t2: